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The Story of UncommonDoormats

Now that you have arrived at UncommonDoormats we can safely assume that you are not a common person, nor are you looking for something common. Well, you are in luck! We created this site just for you and we would like to offer you a wide range of uncommon door mats to peruse or better yet, create your own!

We know what it is like not to be able to find the best doormat out there that could possibly describe what a unique person such as you are. Before we started we were looking for a doormat that was fun and quirky but we could not find anything at large retail stores. We looked and looked with no luck. Our next step was looking into getting one custom made but all of the custom mats were crazy expensive! Being that we are both creative and resourceful people (Andrea coming from the fashion industry and Matt coming from the software industry) we decided that the only thing we could do would be to make one ourselves. Two years before we created the brand and entered the Etsy world. We created our first door mat that simply said “Leave”. Awesome isn’t it? We thought this mat was hysterical because we are not anti-social or mean spirited we were just tired of people who were soliciting door to door and each time we would walk in the house we would laugh. What better way to enter the house than with a smile on your face?

Throughout the next two years we took this mat with us as we moved around and travelled state to state. It was not until we arrived in Florida that we thought if we love this mat so much and so many people comment on it why not try to sell them? POOF! Our journey started on and little did we know that in 4 months sales would increase from the previous month by 330% and continue upward.

Our goal is to reach people who are looking for an outdoor mat different from the rest. Like you, yes, you reading this right now! If you are sitting at your computer, mobile device, tablet or whatever it is that you are reading this on, can honestly say you are a common person; we think you might have to re-evaluate.

In the beginning we started out with just seven doormats. Throughout the beginning months there was a comment that we were missing sales because we were to focused on “negative messages” such as “Leave” and “Not Welcome” (some people just don’t understand our humor, a.k.a. Andrea’s Mom) so some changes were made which resulted in more sales, thanks Mom. We have expanded to making custom doormats for our clients where they can personalize the mat to their liking and we now have over seventy mats on our site and still growing! Designing a personalized mat is a great feeling; we are able to create a mat for someone who is just like us, unique, creative, and probably when it comes down to it, nothing like us, iconic, we know!

Our price point is within a range that allows our mats to be affordable to everyone. Just because we have a competitive pricing structure doesn’t mean we lack quality. We create each design ourselves, cut out the design and hand paint each mat. Hours of labor! Trust me, we are not slacking. We also continue testing the mats and the paints we use to continue to improve our product for our clients. We have even had the paint and mats tested in laboratories to ensure exceptional quality.

Expanding our business from to our own website is a very exciting time. We are not leaving, we’re simply growing and want to be able to reach a wider range of customers. Our goal is to be a leader in the custom door mat industry and we thank everyone for their support.