Superior Quality Doormats

Superior Quality Doormats

Laboratory Tested

We take our mats seriously and we want them to LAST!

A professional testing laboratory was retained to test our doormats and paints. The process is essentially an accelerated exposure processes which lasts about a month and a half. During that time, our products were subjected to a continuous and repeated cycle of UV exposure, heat and condensation (water) exposure. The test is designed to simulate roughly one year of weathering!

We have perfected our formulas and we pass with flying colors!!!

Here is some technical jargon for those interested:

"The ability of a paint, dye, or coating to resist deterioration of its physical properties caused by exposure to light, heat and water can be very significant for many applications. This practice is intended to induce property changes associated with end-use conditions, including the effects of sunlight, moisture and heat. The exposure in this practice is not intended to simulate the deterioration caused by localized weather phenomena such as atmospheric pollution, biological attack, and saltwater exposure."

ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials)