Processing and Shipping Policy

Your order will be fulfilled within 3 working business days and your order will be updated with the tracking number once it has shipped.

Domestic shipping (within the USA) - 2-7 business days. Please note that this is not guaranteed. Shipping can be effected based on weather, national holiday's, the holiday season or just the carrier themselves.

Please use your tracking information to keep track of your package. We hope it arrives as swiftly as possible. However, things sometimes happen. If you are wondering why you have not received your package check to see if it was delivered, if it has been and you have not received it please check with neighbors sometimes there are mix-ups. If they do not have it please reference the address you shipped to. If it is incorrect and it is on its way back to us please note we are not responsible for the shipping charges to re-send it. If you have still not received it please reach out and we will do the best we can to track it down with you.