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Customizing a doormat for your home

Posted on August 29 2019

Is there anything better then having something personalized specifically for your home? What we do here at Uncommon Doormats and more is just that. We create the perfect product for your home. We can cut doormats to specific sizes, paint them a specific color and of course create the perfect design on it for your home. We are always testing and looking for new products so if there is something you are looking for that we do not have up on our site please reach out to us. We might have what you need already or we will be happy to help find exactly what you need. 

Right now we are testing a new mat called KoKo. It is Faux coir and we LOVE it! It is eco friendly, so soft on your bare feet and it is thinner, measuring in at 1/4 inch high. It is perfect for doors that open very low to the ground. Check back in to see when we will be going live with it on our site!